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Holbrook High School Class of 1987

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Reunion Photos
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On this page you'll find photos of the reunion!


Class Photo

Here is the photo taken of our entire class in our senior year.

A man in a tux; Size=180 pixels wide

Black Man

Here is a lovely black man that I befriended on the subway the other day. He sang me sweet lullabies and we intend to get married this fall.

A mother playing with children; Size=180 pixels wide

My Children

Here I might write about my children. I will write when they were born and what grade they are currently in. I will also mention some the teams and organizations they are involved with.

A mature couple; Size=240 pixels wide

Other Relatives

Here I might talk about other people in my family, or include a picture of all of us together at some special event.

Class of '87